Usability Studies

A website is often the principal channel through which customers interact with a brand or purchase a product or service. It follows that having a website that is accessible, appealing, clear, simple, navigable - and forgiving of user blunders – is essential for companies who want to increase their sales and promote a positive image.

Qanawat’s specialist usability business unit, Afflatus, comprises of a team of highly qualified experts in the field of usability. The approach starts with rigorous user-centred testing on our corporate clients’ websites, followed by submissions of detailed design recommendations to the developers and web designers and then continuous evaluations throughout all phases of the site redesign.

The benefits of usability

Taking the usability of website into account has been proven to omit almost 80% of costs in website maintenance due to unmet user requirements. Studies have also shown that a usability redesign can increase the conversion (sales) rate by 100%. Not to mention that having a user-friendly website gives a significantly better first impression to site visitors, enhancing their experience of a brand.

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Methodical, precise, practical

Constantly involving users in the design, evaluation and testing of a website is a key aspect in the process of creating a website that actually works. Afflatus follows a scientific approach with a proven track record for success, covering the following critical phases:

  • Based on extensive studies of user behaviour, they conduct thorough evaluations of our clients’ current websites;
  • In-depth user research based on real user-centred interactions with the website, including studies of how users engage with the site, how readily they are able to find what they are looking for, etc.
  • Drawing on concrete data from their hands-on research, design recommendations covering pages, navigation and site structure;
  • Continuous evaluation in collaboration with site designers and developers. presentable outcomes and information are provided throughout the rebuild process.

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Working examples

Afflatus’s clients include:

  • eGovernment Dubai
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Photo Media
  • MTC-Vodafone
  • Etisalat

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